The Artisan

Randy Stockman

I have known since I was a little boy tinkering in my Granddad’s blacksmith shop in Mount Pleasant, Maryland. My earliest memories of childhood are sitting in that shop, hammering nails into pieces of wood.

I began to learn this craft as a teenager and have been selling pieces ever since.

Since then, I have made hundreds of pieces of furniture, cabinetry, millwork and other forms of carpentry. I even built my family’s home using the skills taught to me by my father and am very proud to say my son Byron is working with me now.

My favorite piece might just be the cherry high-boy dresser that is featured in the side flash of this web site. I’m not sure why I am so fond of that one. I love to build furniture because every piece is unique and every piece has a part of myself in it. I promise, you will find no mass-produced woodwork from this shop. In all my years, I can’t remember producing two of the same thing.

I take pride in every piece of woodwork that comes through my shop, and I hope you will let me create something specifically for you.